Learning For Justice: Honoring Religious Diversity in the Classroom:

“But that’s not what Jewish people believe!” the round-cheeked student shouted, as the other girl shrank into herself. “That’s wrong!” The other three students looked pained and uncomfortable, and eventually everyone fell silent…. [Read More]

Learning for Justice: The Power of Respectful Dialogue

Each year I find that my students are hungry to share their ideas, especially when talking about ways people are mistreated. After all, no one is more ready than a teenager to tell you about things that aren’t fair…. [Read More}

Episcopal Teacher: School Chaplain’s Life is Like a Balancing Act

Both ordained and lay people have often been discouraged from working as school chaplains because it is seen as a “dead end” job. In fact, chaplaincy is a unique and intense balancing act.  Where do other ministers preach up to five times a week? [Read More]