Incarnation, Again

What does it mean to live in a body—both for us, and for God?

In her debut collection of poems, Elizabeth Harlan-Ferlo depicts coming of age in a clergy family with a playful reverence for intellectual inquiry as a part of faithful practice.

With close attention to sonic patterns, this image-rich poetry engages an intimate approach to sacred texts. Whether encountering the Eucharist, sexuality, the threat of violence, or ancient sites, the poems ask: in what ways is flesh holy and in what ways precarious? These poems examine the language of what we seek to hold close.

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Praise for Incarnation Again

“Incarnation, Again is stunningly original and stylistically deft, often funny and always surprising. Grounded in a Christian family background, the book joyfully embraces other religions, re-reads Christian scripture through a contemporary lens, and marries spirituality and sensuality: incarnation indeed! “Come now, C’mon,” Harlan-Ferlo writes in “Advent”: though not addressed to the reader, that’s an invitation that will be hard to resist, from the beginning of this fine book to its final words: ‘the service begins.'”

Martha Collins, Author of Casualty Reports

“I was born first to ritual, came / even in utero to the Word,” writes Elizabeth Harlan-Ferlo in her radiant debut collection. This splendid poetic examination of contemporary spirituality beautifully investigates how the transcendent and the corporeal intertwine, jostle, and paradoxically co-exist. In a time of division and absolutes, this book is an important corrective, a balm for the soul, a blessing for contemporary seekers.“

Alicia Jo Rabins, Author of Fruit Geode