I read:

How to Make (Ultra)Sound (from the Trinity Cathedral Advent Procession, 2018)

You read:

Household Gods in Psaltry & Lyre

Call Me in Sugar House Review.

Lacrosse Season and False Bus Stop in VoiceCatcher.

3 poems on the theme of transformation at Eloi Gadugi.

Practicing Staunch, my tribute to Little Edie of Grey Gardens, at lockjaw.

Ethics, as a part of The Operating System’s 30/30/30 Project.

Look, in Tupelo Quarterly 3.

Unwrapping Mt. Hiei, in Devil’s Lake.

Root Vegetables, and My Mother is Like Yogurt, in The Broken City’s Eat This Magazine.

Drift, in Valparaiso Poetry Review.

Two Poems, Letter and Form, in Bellingham Review.

Ash Wednesday Fantasia in Prick of the Spindle.

BS, Incarnation Again, and Sunday in LiturgicalCredo.

Omnes Habitantes in Hoc Habitaculo and The Book of Ruth (Venezuelan Border Translation) in So To Speak.

Other places to find my poems in print:

Dappled Things, Fourteen HillsRock&SlingRelief: A Christian Expression, you are here: the journal of creative geography, Controlled Burn, Anglican Theological Review, The Sow’s Ear Poetry Review, Poet Lore (Vols 103 &108), Burnside Review