Student-created activity to demystify a Talmud passage.

Student-created activity to demystify a Talmud passage.

I’ve taught courses in performing arts, writing, and religious studies to students of all ages. Teaching undergraduate writers in the Walter and Nancy Kidd Tutorials at the University of Oregon taught me to connect core literary ideas with the ones new artists were just beginning to express.  Teaching elementary and middle-school students with severe learning challenges deepened my commitment to individualization for different learning styles and multiple modalities of teaching. Teaching high school students to recognize their perspectives as a way of understanding religious identity confirmed my trust in the combination of inquiry-based pedagogy and self-reflection.

My favorite lessons include employing theater games to explore power and privilege in a class called Religion and Social Justice, helping non-arts students craft a unique image of a Hindu deity they’ve researched, and guiding students in a course called Religious Narrative to create fused glass symbols of important family stories. My joy comes in watching students make connections between their own values and meaning-making systems from other worldviews.

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